Sunday, January 13, 2013

Washington Square vol. 1

 September/2009 Washington Square, New York City. U.S.A.

See koht oli minu jaoks väga oluline Counting Crows'i loo "Washington Square" tõttu, mis on nende üks paremaid lugusid. Loo kohta ütleb laulja Wikipedias kõige paremini:

This is about my neighborhood and it’s about leaving it behind.
This is a song I started right after I moved here. I’d come back from tour, and I’d lost something, someone, and I was kinda faced with the prospect of going back out again, and it seemed like a hard thing to leave New York behind.
It’s a song about making a choice, to change, to go back to doing your life, to go on the road. But it’s also a song about how much you give up or risk giving up when you do that.

Video ei ole kõige ägedam, aga annab aimu loost endast.


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